About Me

About me

Those who think it cannot be done should not interrupt while I am doing.

Visual arts are long time friends for me, they give us prospective to understand the world, to show beauty and define the time we are living.
Producing inspiring images it’s a journey to study and discovering, to amaze and get amazed and, like every journey, it doesn’t matter the destination, but to enjoy the trip.

I started with graphic design in the early 90′, a road that led me to get a University Degree on Advertising Technique at the University of Perugia, Italy.
There I discover not only the techniques, but the psychology behind a creative product and how all the people have a unique interpretation of the same thing.

Being hungry for experiences and to test my skill I start working for various projects, for small and big companies, where I met amazing professions all around Europe. So it started my carrear in Design and Photography, a passion that brought me from Italy to England, Spain, Germany and now in Lisbon, Portugal.

Here I started my Photography and video Projects collaborating with creative from all around the world and giving my best to always provide great an professional service, but most important amazing images.