Irina Dzhul Masterclass

Irina Dzhul Masterclass

You will have the opportunity to take pictures of wonderful models in fairytale style.

After that Irina will tell you about picture processing from A to Z.

Day 1


1. Introduction to the participants. Short story about Irina Dzhul Photographer
2. Idea. How to turn your idea to great image.
3. Models, locations, dresses and other details for your ideas.
4. Search the light, work with model and environment.
5. Composition and elements of collage.


1. Working with natural light on the environment.
3. Working with camera settings.
4. Model. Liberating, search the angles and postures.
5. Questions section.
Second day. 6-7 hours

Day 2


1. Inspiration, formation of taste.
2. Color – the most important component for image perception.
3. Psychology of frame. How to process to emphasize idea and emotion.
4. The 10 most important criteria in the photos.
5. Theory of composition.
6. Style of the author personality.
7. Proper portfolio.
8. How to work with pages in social networks.
9. Client contract, model release.
10. Sales.


1. Photo selection.
2. Camera RAW processing. Individual and batch processing.
3. Work in Photoshop. Setting up workspace.
4. Start working. Composition search, framing options.
5. Collage. Working with characters and space.
6. Unnecessary items deletion, plastic (Liquify).
7. Volume / Contrast (several methods).
8. Areas of emphasis, vignetting.
9. Various methods of color correction and toning images.
10. Color compression avoiding.
11. Skin treatment. Combining different techniques to achieve natural look.
12. Work with freckles and pores of skin.
13. Eye and hair treatment for emphasis.
14. Using effects in frame.
15. Working with textures.
16. Methods to improve image sharpness.
17. Prepare images for online publishing.
18. Action (Actions) applying for work speed up.
19. Questions section.
Also, each participant will receive materials from the master class from
Irina: conspectus in English , psd file with layers, textures, actions, color
and composition tips



Info & Registration

Date :27-28 July 2019
Location: Lx Factory, Lisbon, Portugal.
Manuele Carlini (@manuelecarlini)
or Irina Dzhul (@irinadzhul)


Cost: 240 € +iva
Registration deposit 120 €


Payment method: 


Bank Transfert
Manuele Carlini
PT50 0018 205502417416020 25
reason for the transfer “Irina Dzhul Masterclass”

Feel free to contact me anytime with the reference above
or come an visit me at my studio in Lisbon at the LX factory.

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